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In memory of Frank Mancino

April  1945 - June  2013 

"No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why."



In memory of BLINK

Most people know Blinks story. One evil human being changed his life forever. Another human being gave him everything possible to have a good life. I was honored to be his caretaker. Thank you Mark Constantini! Mark adopted Blink and asked me to care for him while he healed from his horrific injuries. Over a two year period he had seven surgeries on his head to correct the damage. Over that time, we formed this crazy bond and I knew he would be with me until the end. I want to share a story about this amazing animal.

I took Blink for training to become a therapy dog through an organization called the Delta Society. We went to a nursing home with our mentor one day, and it was our first experience working with the public. I was worried that we would make mistakes and I knew the mentor was paying very close attention.

I knocked on a door, and asked if the people in the room would like a visit from the dog. A woman said yes so we went into the room. There was a bed, very close to the floor with an older gentleman in it. I was not sure why the bed was so low, and probably will never find out. The man looked frail and weak. Blink walked over to the man and sat down. He laid his head on the man’s chest. The man raised his hand and patted Blinks head. He had a smile on his face! We only stayed a few minutes and we were on our way, visiting other people. When our visit was over, Blink’s mentor walked us out to the car and I was expecting her to tell me mistakes that we made, but never expected this… She asked me “Do you know what happened in this man’s room?” I shook my head. I was sure Blink screwed up, and I let him… Maybe Blink should not been allowed to lay his head on the man’s chest… She said that was an amazing thing for her to see… She said “That man was dying and your dog knew.”

Forever loved, Debbie Marsh